Berlin Reservoir Bass Fishing Report

PHEW,  we picked a HOT one to go bass fishing on Berlin Lake! The fish didn’t seem to mind the heat, though. Caught many bass and a bonus catfish. It was a fun day of catching.

We launched from the German Church Rd. ramp at@ 8:30 am, and drove directly across the lake to a point. I immediately hooked three 12 inch bass hanging out in the edges of the brush with the spinnerbait in the picture. That was fun and pretty much told us where the fish were. Caught a couple on a bluegiill colored jig, also around brush. The catfish also liked this jig. He was about 5 lbs of fury for a change of pace! A chatter bait was another lure the bass preferred. Moving baits caught  more fish than vertical baits.  Of course, that is our preferred method, so there is that…

As the day got hotter, the fishing slowed down. We found more fish on the wind blown side. Water temperatures ranged from 77 – 84 degrees. We saw slightly stained to muddy waters, without that really being a factor where we fished. Just look for laydowns and brush in the water and fish the deeper and outer edges on the windy side. You will find bass.  And maybe a catfish or two.