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Welcome back fisherman!

It’s been a absolute great week in The Port of Lorain.
From the 32-36 north. To the 12 to the 17 west.
Program has been very easy.
Bandits and Spros. 100 to 150 back.
3 setting 70 to 100 back.
2 setting 60 to 80 back.
1 setting 50 to 65 back.
0 setting 40 to 50 back.
Speed 2.2 to 2.6 depending on current.
Colors. The same as it has been.
Chartreuse and orange bellies.
Spoons copper back. Boy girl, Nascar, Sir Walleye.

Get out and have some fun! It’s going to be a very nice week weathe-wise.
Please visit us at
Good luck and Good fishing.
Captains Gary and Nicholas Zart

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Lake Erie Fall Brawl Winner

Lake Erie Fall Brawl Results!

I wanted to take a second and congratulate the winners (unofficially) and say thank you to all you anglers and sponsors who made this possible. I also wanted to recognize the hard work by Jann’s Netcraft Sandusky Bait Company

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