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Welcome back fellow fisherman!
We’re still in Fairport Harbor and we’re still catching. Like I mentioned in my last report, September is a transition month. Lots of wind, lots of fish going from negative to neutral to positive all in 15 minutes. LOL

We’ve been fishing from 8 miles out to 15 miles out north of the harbor. 300 to 400 ft of wire off big boards or offshore boards with small Kabooms
or large Thundersticks. Dipseys with spoons or shallow crankbaits.
3-160 -210
2- 140 -160
1- 110-140
0- 85-110
Speed: 2.3-2.8 mph
Color: They’re eating shad, smelt,emeralds,and perch – so just about every color scheme seems to be working at times. Put out a variety of everything
and keep switching up till it works.

The other day I threw out small spoons and starting catching a bunch . The philosophy was give them a snack instead of a meal because when you brought a walleye in the boat they would throw up about a half pound of bait. So the snack idea worked better.

Fishing will continue to get better and the fish getting bigger as the fall months continue. Get out and enjoy these wonderful fishing months of the year! If you would like to charter us give us a call or visit our site at

Till next time, good luck and good fishing.
Captain Gary Zart

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