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Good morning!
It’s been a few weeks since our last report. Lots has changed since then, so Iet’s get started.

We moved the boat to Fairport. It was the smart thing to do. Catching was becoming unpredictable in Lorain and Nicholas and I always trying to stay on fish for our customers.
Since the move catching has be awesome.

We’ve been running Dipseys with shallow cranks baits and wire with Thundersticks and Kabooms.
Fish are down deep 50-65 ft over 75 ft of water.
Dipsey sets have been 200-225 on a 3
150-180 on a 2
110-140 on a 1
90 -.110 on a 0
Wire. 350 to 425 .
Speed 2.6-3.2 mph.
Colors have been pretty liberal. There eating just about everything: Shad, Smelt, Emeralds and Perch.

It’s been great catching with very very nice fish as a whole.
These next couple months are transition months . Lots of weather lots of fish moving . Stay very positive and stay on them!
Till next time, good luck and Good fishing.
Captain Gary Zart

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