Girls Fish Too!

Listen up guys, I am here to tell you – girls like to fish, too! Fishing is most definitely a male dominated sport. Especially bass fishing. When I first began fishing bass tournaments with my husband in 2004, I was the only female. When I asked many of the other guys why they didn’t fish with their wives/ significant others, the most common response I got was “my wife LOVES to fish”. Unfortunately, there was always also a “but…” following that – no one to watch the kids, tournament starts too early, can’t get out of the boat to go to the bathroom, she has to work, etc.

So, I  created a co-ed tournament with one male and one female required in the boat. I found out quickly that girls DO like to fish! 10 years later, we average 30 teams per tournament, and run a trail of 5 -6 tournaments per year in Ohio and New York. We have had ladies of all ages from 13 and up come and fish enthusiastically with their fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers and sons. Many are experiencing bass tournaments for the first time. It has been a joy to watch the excitement in a woman’s eyes when she catches the big fish of the tournament – or even her first bass EVER!

What a wonderful bonding experience it can be for a woman to get to participate with her husband in his hobby! Or for a daughter to spend some time fishing with dad. Moms, too, swell with pride when they get to be part of their son’s team. Having personally witnessed all of the above, I invite all of you guys to take your “girls” fishing!

Teach her how to tie a knot. Help her land her fish. Let her pick her own lure out. Invite her along to lay out on your back deck or read a book if she doesn’t want to fish. It can be a fun, relaxing day for both of you!

Competitive bass fishing has become very popular at the college, and even high school level. There is no reason fishing of any kind should be a gender discriminatory sport. Fish don’t care who is on the other end of the rod. It is important to reach out to girls at these levels and allow them a spot on teams. Girls may not even know this option is open to them! It is a perfect sport, as it is non-contact and no advantage to any gender. It is something everyone can enjoy for a lifetime. If it is introduced to girls at these levels, maybe some day the door will open for girls to become pro anglers also.

So guys, next time you plan a fishing excursion, invite your girl. We are fun companions, can compliment your style in the boat, and lastly – we ALWAYS bring snacks. Who knows? You might even ENJOY having her along! In case you want to try tournament bass fishing with your girl, look up Better Half Tour for a fun trail that is great for first timers and seasoned competitors.

Girls Fish Too!

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