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Welcome back fisherman!
We were finally able to get the boat back to
Cleveland for the rest of the season. This weather has been a pain.
We got out Saturday and were able to put a nice program together to catch
some nice fish.

We fished 58-67 ft of water north of Cleveland.
Dipseys with Rippling Redfin’s and Shallow Bombers.
3- 165
2- 145
0 -100
Bandits no weight 50 and 100 back.
Chrome and White base lures did very well.
Speed 2.0 give or take a couple tics.

After this huge gale force storm that came Sunday. I expect the fish to
move in and start their fall pattern. It will take a couple days to get
things back to somewhat normal. We are looking forward to late fall

Good luck and Good fishing,
Captain Gary Zart

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