Better Half Tour - Couples Bass Fishing Tournaments
Couples Bass Fishing Tournaments

Maria & EZ EEE

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Portage Lakes Bass Fishing 2020Explored the Mud Lake area for a couple of hours, getting out about 3:30p. This was the annual shakedown trip for the boat, so took a bit longer getting ready for this first ride out and putting in some fresh gas.

Water temp was 49-50 degrees (@ 1′ deep). Found baitfish and bluegill soaking up the sun in the top couple feet of water. Caught a healthy, green largemouth – a great start to the season!

Northwest wind today, partly cloudy. A BEAUTIFUL day.

Last year’s fishing license was purchased on May 1, 2019, so it’s pretty neat that not only is my license still good, but I can’t believe that IT’S MARCH 25th in Ohio.

Might be the earliest Spring fish I’ve ever caught. FUN!

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