Proud Pre-Enjoyed ProCraft Parents

From Pro to Super Pro… The time has come to trade our beloved 2000 ProCraft 205 Pro.  We haven’t strayed far, though – our new to us bass boat of choice is another ProCraft! This 2000 (YES, I said 2000) 200 Super Pro happened across the Vic’s Sports Center “pre-enjoyed” showroom at the perfect time. She has all of the upgrades we were going to invest in for our boat and is in MINT condition. Its a little shorter, and we will have to adjust a few parts of our fishing routine, but there were SO MANY pros and very few cons in making the change.

It will be a bit bittersweet to say goodbye to the 205 Pro, for sure! After 20 years, we have many, many fond memories of fish catches, bad jokes told, and time well spent together on the dozens of lakes we visited. We are excited to begin a new chapter, however, and look forward to the years of fish tales and fun times we will share!

2000 ProCraft 200 Super Pro Bass Boat