Tackle Review: 2K Jigs Swim Jig for Bass

We have had the pleasure of having 2K Jigs sponsor our Better Half Tour bass trail for 3 years. All of their lures are top quality, but the swim jig has become a favorite go-to bait to catch quality fish. This swim jig was key in catching fish in our last two outings to Mogadore and Deer Creek Reservoirs. Check out the picture from our post last week to see a great example of the quality fish this lure engages.

We specifically used a 1/2 ounce version with a white shad body. This combination has such perfect action, you don’t have to twitch or coax the lure into action at all. Just cast and reel. We have had tons of fun fishing in the Spring and Fall especially with this swim jig! It is like a “finesse” spinner bait. When the water is too calm or clear for flashing blades, pick up and cast & retrieve it the exact same way.  Its easy to slow roll for a deeper presentation, yet you can easily keep it in the top 2 feet of the water column with a quicker retrieve. The weed guard makes it easy to retrieve through weeds when you are working those deep edges.

The lure is very durable, too! Ours have quite a few thousand casts on them and there are no chips or bends in it. The skirts are really well made & we’ve never lost a fish we’ve hooked with one. We have consistently caught quality fish on inland lakes all over Northeast Ohio with this swim jig and highly recommend you find a slot in your tackle box for a few! Here is the website for shopping: https://2kjigs.com/

2K Jigs Swim Jig Tackle Review