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GFO is your one stop for Ohio fishing. You’ll find links to:

  • 70 Ohio topographic fishing lake maps
  • Individual regulations on each (boating hp, etc.)
  • Fishing opportunities available
  • General location and directions
  • ODNR News and Notes
  • Special Offers on outdoor & fishing gear
  • Ohio Tournament Calendar (The X-Series, The Better Half Tour, more!)

Whether you like fishing the big waters of Lake Erie, or one of Ohio’s many inland lakes like Mosquito or Portage Lakes, GoFishOhio.com keeps you current with lake and fishing conditions. Our Lake Maps offer contour details, boat ramp(s), restrictions, and species of fish swimming in the lake.

We appreciate you stopping by for a few minutes and hope we have helped get you to Go Fish Ohio!

The 2015 Better Half Tour

Jeff Johnson - Michelle Laughman - Fall Classic 2015 CHAMPS

Congrats to Michelle Laughman & Jeff Johnson
Fall Classic CHAMPS & NEW Weight Record!

Stay up to date and get more info >>>

      A very special THANKS to the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, the Division of Wildlife and the Division of Watercraft  for their hard work and dedication in providing Ohio sportsmen and women with safety and excellent fishing & hunting opportunities!

      Turn In a Poacher (1-800-POACHER)

      Ohio’s Turn In a Poacher, or ”TIP” program is helping to curtail poaching throughout the state, by involving the public in reporting wildlife violations. If you observe a wildlife violation, click here and submit the form online or print the form and mail it to:

      TIP Headquarters, Division of Wildlife
      2045 Morse Rd., Bldg G
      Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693

      Or call the TIP toll-free hotline, 1-800-POACHER.


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