Maiden Voyage – Portage Lakes Report

Well, we made our maiden voyage of the season at our “home lake”, Portage Lakes. I wish I had some fish pictures to show! On the bright side, I casted all of my rods and did not backlash – small victories, LOL. The water was very stained, ranging from 57 degrees on the main lake to 63 degrees in “the Bones” bay by the new state park ramp. Saw TONS of bluegill sunning in the shallows with a few small bass with them. Weeds are sparse, but nice and green in 4 -6 feet of water. Tried spinner bait (white/chart/ red), ned (sprayed grass), frog (black), swimbait (green pumpkin) & crankbait (crawfish). Pretty sure we both had some bumps on crankbaits, but no fish wanted to commit. Fished in Rex Lake most of the day. Saw lots of activity in the shallows – something was chasing the small fish, but we never saw what. Ended the day in Mud Lake, just boat driving and fished the “hump” a little. Saw LOTS of fishermen out there. Parking lot was FULL all day at the Old State Park. We were not alone in enjoying the day. I hope all who were out there caught all the fish we missed! 

Portage Lakes Bass Fishing