GoFishOhio highlights a beautiful state full of amazing lakes, rivers, and reservoirs offering anglers many sport fishing opportunities for various species of fish. There’s great fishing in Ohio! Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, musky, carp, catfish and steelhead trout all swim here.

Every Ohio lake map page has fishing information to help you catch your limit – where to buy bait, horsepower limits, boat rentals and camping. Maps are listed by regional areas as designated by the Ohio DNR as shown below.

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Go Fish Ohio features topographical fishing lake maps, Google location maps with driving directions, boat ramps, nearby tackle shops and local information that makes visiting the Buckeye State stress-free and FUN. Click on any region for a more detailed listing of lakes in that area. Go Fish Ohio regularly adds updated fishing maps, fishing reports, and posts on-location photos.

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Ohio Fishing Events & Tournament Calendar

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    • RSS Ohio Wildlife News

      • Get Schooled on Ohio’s Squirrels October 17, 2018
        While gray, red, and fox squirrels are the most commonly seen squirrel species, a few more call Ohio home. For example, you might be unaware that the flying squirrel is probably the most common of all squirrel species found here. And have you ever seen a thirteen-lined ground squirrel?
      • Weekly Lake Erie Fishing Report October 17, 2018
        Fishing for yellow perch has been good. A few good reports came from the Sputnik buoy near Toledo in 28 to 30 feet of water.
      • Learn to Hunt: Using a Doe Bleat October 17, 2018
        Video. If you're new to hunting, it's helpful to know different ways to call a deer in closer. Doe bleats, grunts, and rattling are all useful while hunting, but there are times when you should and should not use these calls.
      • Chasing the Rainbows October 16, 2018
        The ODNR Division of Wildlife’s annual rainbow trout stockings are popular among anglers at smaller lakes and reservoirs throughout Ohio. Each spring, fish management staff stock approximately 100,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout. Stocking rainbow trout provides excellent opportunities for anglers of all ages to catch a fun, feisty, and harvestable fish.
      • Wild Ohio Cookbook: Small Game and Wild Fowl Recipes October 16, 2018
        How does oven-fried squirrel sound? Get the recipe in our Wild Ohio Cookbook, adding a blend of spices you prefer such as oregano, thyme, or smoked paprika.
      • Wildlife Center Stage: Mallard October 16, 2018
        Glance across any wetland habitat, and you’re likely to see the quintessential duck, the mallard. Yet, as commonplace as a mallard might be, it is hardly ordinary. Read on for a few fun and fascinating facts about these ducks.
      • Range Orientation at Grand River Shooting Range October 15, 2018
        A range orientation class was recently held at the Grand River Shooting Range. A dozen participants, almost all new to range use, were introduced to the concepts of safely enjoying public shooting ranges. Topics such as range operations, rules, and general etiquette were covered by ODNR Division of Wildlife staff.
      • Flathead Catfish October 15, 2018
        A large flathead catfish – also known as a shovelhead, mudcat, or yellow catfish - was recently captured while ODNR Division of Wildlife fish management staff conducted an electrofishing survey for saugeye at Tappan Lake in Harrison County. The flathead catfish is the only North American catfish species with a lower jaw that is longer […]
      • Earth as Inspiration is Theme for Earth Science Week October 15, 2018
        Ohioans are invited to join the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in exploring the state’s natural history during Earth Science Week, Oct. 14-20. Geologists will give talks and lead hikes and fossil collecting throughout Ohio at state parks, state nature preserves and other important geologic sites.
      • Wild Ohio Cookbook: Fish Recipes October 12, 2018
        Need a snack while watching the game this weekend? Find fish recipes in the Wild Ohio Cookbook.

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    The Ohio Division of Wildlife
    Ohio Division of Wildlife
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    Visit Ohio State Parks - ODNR
    Visit Ohio State Parks
    • Ohio spinnerbait fishingGFO Library: Spinning Magic on Ohio Lakes Everywhere!

      Do you have a "go to" lure? That one you tie on because you KNOW you can catch fish on it? Every summer, I seem to find a "magic" lure - one that finds the fish no matter what. This year, it is one of my 'ole favorites: a spinnerbait. Ohio spinnerbait fishing is a BLAST!

      I've always loved spinnerbait fishing for bass. Blades thumping and flashing, tail fluttering, it just lures fish right in. Boy, do they SLAM it, too! This year, Ohio waters haven't disappointed. I have caught fish with THE SAME spinnerbait (albeit with many trailer changes) all summer long.

      Read more of this post... | Browse the GFO Fishing Library

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    July 2, 2018

    Captain Gary Zart here. Lake Erie is on fire and I mean in a good way lol. From the Islands to Conneaut within a few miles of shore you literally cannot keep rods in the water.

    You can troll. You can cast. It doesn’t matter. Use your electronics to find active fish. From 20-ft to 50-ft of water should do the trick.

    Dipsey divers pulling spoons, worm harnesses and shallow cranks is about the easiest way to catch them. I call it the revolving door.

    Pull Reef Runners and Bandits behind Offshore Boards weighted or unweighted to increase your catch rate. Speed has been 2.3 to 2.7.

    It’s as much fun fishing as you can have in a day. Get out and enjoy it while you can.

    Visit me on Facebook at Gary A. Zart or on our website at Blue Dolphin Walleye Charters (BlueDolphinWalleye.com).

    Captain Gary Zart
    Blue Dolphin Walleye Charters

    Blue Dolphin Walleye is your premier Lake Erie walleye charter service. Our mission is to make your day on the water special and enjoyable. We do everything we can to get you the biggest walleyes possible!

    Since 2005 we have been taking customers out and doing our best to put them on the most action-packed bite.

    • Lake Erie Walleye Charters - Blue Dolphin

    We fish the Walleye Capital of the World, Lake Erie! Blue Dolphin Charters goes from dock to dock, and we follow where the best bite is. We can also go from a specific harbor of your choice, however Captain Gary Zart will always make his best recommendation to put you where the big ones are known to be biting.

    Long-time Pro Staff of Team Starcraft, Nicholas & Gary were recently named the 2017 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Team of the Year (trophy pics).

    Visit the Blue Dolphin website to reserve your charter date(s) online!

    Fish Strong!

    Starcraft Patriot 16 - 2019Fishing is one of those things that lives in your soul. For many anglers that means tournament fishing at the highest level. For others that peace of mind comes from enjoying a day on the water with the family.

    At Ohio Bass Boats, our mission is to bring you the finest fishing boats for sale. Tournament level bass boats. Walleye and multi-species boats. Aluminum boats. Fiberglass boats.

    That boat that makes your heart and fishing lines sing!

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    Ranger Boats - Ohio Bass Boats
    Triton Boats - Ohio Bass Boats
    Skeeter Boats - Ohio Bass Boats
    Tracker Boats - Ohio Bass Boats
    Environmentally Friendly Septic Waste Dispoal

    Please S.T.A.Y. Environmentally Friendly!

    Did you know some land areas in nearby Ohio counties have permitted septic waste (i.e. Land Application) dumping? Many septic pumping companies dump their trucks in these areas. It’s simple to see this practice is not sanitary, plus is very hazardous to wildlife.

    STAY Septic - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    STAY Septic properly disposes of ALL septic waste at the Barberton Wastewater Pollution Center – never on land anywhere!

    Proudly Serving Medina, Portage, Summit, Stark & Wayne Counties for over 50 Years!  Click here or Call 330-706-9234

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