Taking Away An Angler’s Winter Blues

Its January in Ohio. The thermometer outside reads 20-something. Unless you are the rare breed of angler who enjoys ice fishing, you are seemingly stuck inside playing fishing games on your X-box until warmer temperatures return. Thankfully, there is one bright spot anglers look forward to every winter in our area – the many fishing, boating & outdoor sports shows. These shows keep us informed, entertained and dreaming of the upcoming fishing season.

fishing showsMany of these shows are like one stop shopping malls for anglers. You get rods, reels, tackle, guided tours and boats all under one roof. There is no better winter angling adventure than checking out all of the latest and greatest . You are bound to find something you just can’t resist!

Included in the price of many shows are free seminars and demonstrations offered by fishing pros, vendor representatives, etc. Be sure you take the time to catch these features. They are presented by the people that walk, talk, eat and breathe their product and fishing. These guys can tell you what you REALLY need to know. Don’t miss out on what can be a fun and educational experience!

If you are in the market to buy, empty your trunk cuz “show prices” mean savings and discounts of all kinds! From bargain bins overflowing with tackle to premium sales packages on new boats, these vendors are here to sell, sell, SELL! You won’t get better deals until the season is over in October, so get that checkbook ready.

Where & When…

Our great state has fishing & boating shows spread throughout it. Here is a list of links to some coming up in January & February. Pick one for a day of fishing fun…minus the water!