Ohio Pro Lure + Verbinator Baits

Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator BaitsBass tournament proven performance plus hand-made quality fishing lures & baits are the foundation of Ohio Pro Lure & Verbinator Baits. MAX Series Gamakatsu spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, flipping and football jigs, tubes and tube jigs, plus Sure-Grip hooks & more. Verbinator’s salt & garlic loaded soft plastics are made from the finest components and hand-poured.

The attention to detail puts the finest quality, affordable bass fishing baits in the hands of weekend anglers and tournament pros alike.

Ohio Pro Lure Shakey Head Jigs

Ohio Pro Lure: MAX Series baits utilize the finest components including Sampo swivels, jewelry-quality spinner blades, and many feature our tough-as-nails head finishes. Gamakatsu hooks grab the lightest biters, and extra strong wire design puts fish in the boat.

Ohio Pro Lure Buzzbait Ohio Pro Lure Spinnerbait
Ohio Pro Lure Rock Knocker Jig


The ultimate soft plastic bass baits. Meticulously created in quality controlled batches. Potent garlic scented. Soft-touch formula, yet durable enough to withstand multiple fish. USA Created and Ohio hand-made. Every little detail gets the attention of our Mad Scientist. The slightest little twitch and these soft plastic lures come ALIVE. Tie one on and let the fish talk…

Verbinator Baits - Bass Fishing Lures

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