Lake Erie Walleye / Smallmouth Bass / Perch

Channel Catfish / Freshwater Drum (Sheepshead)

Captain Randy Gaines is a seasoned tournament professional angler plus , a Masters Walleye Circuit 2016 World Walleye Champion, and will tailor your trip to any level of experience you bring to the boat…

  • A family wanting to introduce the kids, relatives or a spouse to fishing…
  • A group of friends looking for a fun Lake Erie fishing charter
  • Novice anglers looking to expand their skill set
  • Seasoned anglers who want to dig deeper into specific tactics.
Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charters

I also take pride in being a female friendly Charter Captain who provides multiple all female charters each year.
(references available upon request).

2021 H2H Champ Randy Gaines
2021 H2H Tournament Champion
Randy Gaines - Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Guide
Lake Erie Smallmouth Charters

When you’re smallmouth bass fishing with Nibble This Charters, Captain Randy will maximize your time and fun catching these beautiful bronzebacks. Charge your cameras – LOTS of pictures with some of the prettiest and most athletic fish Lake Erie has to offer.

This is a once in a lifetime fishing adventure!

Lake Erie Perch Fishing - Nibble This Charters
Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charters
Sheephead - Freshwater Drum - Nibble This Charters
Lake Erie Sheepshead - Freshwater Drum

Yar Craft 209 & Mercury Four Strokes

Want to catch big fish until your arms hurt?

You’ve always dreamed of that day when you reeled in so many big fish you wanted your arms to fall off. Captain Randy makes that happen.

Nibble This Charters offers fishing options for one of Lake Erie’s most overlooked game fish; the sheepshead or freshwater drum. Powerful and willing to bite a variety of offerings, these fish will challenge your gear and your body. And your perseverance.

Typically, sheepshead run from 5 to 15 pounds – but it’s possible to hook into a 20# or 30# fish. The World Record is a 54# BEAST. That’s FUN!

Masters Walleye Circuit ~ 2016 World Walleye Champion

Spend a day fishing on Lake Erie with Nibble This Charters. Your guide, professional walleye angler Captain Randy Gaines will keep you reeling ’til your arms fall off! Catch world class walleye, pack your cooler with perch,  or smash some small mouth bass all day on a fun-filled fishing trip that is perfect for family or a few friends. There is nothing like the thrill of feeling a tug at the end of a line and Nibble This Charters takes you where the fish are.