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Ohio Spinnerbait Fishing

Spinning Magic on Ohio Lakes Everywhere!

Do you have a “go to” lure? That one you tie on because you KNOW you can catch fish on it? Every summer, I seem to find a “magic” lure – one that finds the fish no matter what. This year, it is one of my ‘ole favorites: a spinnerbait. Ohio spinnerbait fishing has been a BLAST!

I have always loved spinnerbait fishing for bass. Blades all thumping and flashing, tail all fluttering, it just luring fish right in. Boy, do they SLAM it, too! This year, Ohio waters haven’t disappointed. I have caught fish with THE SAME spinnerbait (albeit many tail/ trailer changes) all summer long.

Ohio spinnerbait fishingI never put it down at Rocky Fork Lake. Fished logs & grass along the shoreline with it.  I used it along weed edges at Seneca Lake, deeper shorelines at Pleasant Hill Lake and above deeper weeds Long Lake. I had a LOT of fun so far!

Here’s a picture of it. its nothing fancy, or special. Just something pieced together with stuff I like the look and feel of. What makes it work so well? The red Sharpie painted blade? The sliced up twin tail trailer? Maybe.  I don’t know for sure, but feel free to copy and try. All I know is it made Ohio spinnerbait fishing a success story for me!

I suspect confidence has a lot to do with it, too. I control it well. It lands where I aim it. I can cast it in the wind. I can unhook the fish easily.  All of this allows me to relax and focus on the water, the fish, and enjoying the day rather than the casting. I highly recommend tying on a lure you have caught fish with recently if you are having a slow day. There may be a little “magic” still left in it that turns your day around.