Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The holiday weekend that marks the unofficial start of summer is upon us. First of all, let me say thank you to all who have and are currently serving in one of our armed forces. I appreciate the sacrifices you make to protect our country. Now, on a lighter note, who is going fishing this weekend? It looks like the weather will be beautiful! As we get into the days where shorelines of lakes and rivers will be lined with anglers and the waters full of fishing boats. Lets take a few minutes to remember a few rules, regulations and courtesies to carry with us all season.

First and foremost, please pick up after yourselves! That includes hooks, fishing line, bait cups, food and drink wrappers, etc. You wouldn’t want to arrive at your favorite fishing spot to find someone else’s mess. Don’t leave yours behind, either.

Boat ramps will become busier, so please follow the rules and be aware of the tie down and courtesy docking areas. It will be the first time out for many people. Be sure you have checked your motor and it will start, released all tie downs, etc. before entering the launch area. Also, keep in mind the launch ramp is not a dock slip. If you need to tie off, move your boat to the courtesy dock so others may continue to use the ramp.

Most importantly, ENJOY your time fishing! Whether you catch a bunch or cast a bunch, remember you are out there to have FUN. We are all fellow anglers looking to enjoy a hobby that we love. From all of us at Go Fish Ohio, we wish you tight lines and good times and a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Boat Ramp Courtesy