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Welcome back fisherman!
It’s been a long long while since my last report.
For that I personally apologize. Sometimes life
gets too busy and time flys.

We moved the boat a month ago to Geneva on the Lake. It’s all about staying
on fish and catching fish for our great customers and this was definitely
the right decision.

Fishing has been phenomenal to say the least! We’ve been fishing from 7 to
12 miles due north of the Marina.
Two programs.
Dipseys with Shallow Bombers and Ripplin Red Fins.
3 setting. 150 to 200.
2 setting. 130 to 150.
1 setting. 100 to 120
0 setting. 80 to 110.
Wire. 250 from 25 to 75 over on big boards
Deep Thundersticks
Speed 2.4 to 2.8
Color chrome bases with orange, white and pink bellies.
Depth 68 to 75 ft.

The action and quality of these fish has been nothing short of incredible.
I expect the bite to continue through October. However it will be
determined on how fast the water cools and how fast the migration moves
back to the west.

For now get out there and have some fun.
Please visit us at
Good luck and Good fishing.
Fish Strong!
Captain Gary Zart

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