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Good morning. & welcome back fisherman!
Well it’s been one heck of a stretch of tough fishing. With very light winds and a big bug hatch it’s been as unpredictable as Congress lol.

We’ve been fishing literally from vermillion to Avon and everywhere in between. From 40 to 50 ft of water, running Bandits 30 to 80 back.
Speed 1.8 to 2.5. Color has been all over the place but Blue Shiner and chartreuse bottoms have definitely been best. Dipseys have been
catching a bit with Scorpion Spoons and Spoon Harness. 30 on a 1 setting 50 on a 2 and 60 on a 3.

Fishing & catching should get better soon. Hopefully, by the next report I’ll have some better news on catching.

Till next time. Good luck!
Captain Gary Zart

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