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Welcome back fisherman!
It’s been a few weeks since my last report. Life has been busy.
We are still out of Lorain and it’s been either crazy good or you have to work for them. In the end it’s still great catching.
Dipseys with Scorpion spoons.
3 setting 55 to 85 back
2 setting 50 to 70 back
1 setting 40 to 60 back.
Color spoons copper back with UV tape.
Bandits 75 to 100 back. No weight.
Color: Chartreuse and pink bottoms.
Speed: 2.1 2.4 mph.
Pay attention to current. There’s a ton of it right now.
Areas: we’ve been fishing the dump and east of the sandbar.
Good luck when you get out!
Captain Gary and Nicholas Zart
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