Boating Horsepower Regulations on Ohio Lakes

Before you head out fishing for the first time on a new Ohio lake, be sure to check the regulations for motor and horsepower. Our many lakes have unique rules for electric motor only, gas motor horsepower limitations. For a quick, easy guide, check our lake map pages.

If you want to fish an electric motor only lake with a boat that also has a gas  motor, please investigate the rules for that particular lake. Some will allow you to power load your trailer, others strictly no gas motor at all. Some lakes may require gas motors lifted out of the water, others allow them to be in the water. If you are unsure, check with the local ODNR.

Another good thing to know for lakes that do allow gas motors is speed limit. Many lakes will have idle only zones (i.e Lake Milton or Berlin Lake ). Some lakes will be idle only with speed zones (i.e Portage Lakes ). Any specific rules should be posted at the boat launches. Restricted areas are typically well marked in every Ohio lake I have been on.

Lastly, be aware of no fishing zones. Many lakes have wildlife conservation areas, dams and other areas that do not allow boating or fishing of any kind. This includes kayaks and shore fishing in some instances, too. Often boat launch docks do not allow fishing either.

The bottom line is this – research the regulations before you plan your fishing trip to a new Ohio lake. It would put a damper on your day to wind up with a fine.


Horsepower Regulations on Ohio Lakes