Lake Erie Walleye Report 5.23.22

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Here is your latest Lake Erie walleye fishing report from Blue Dolphin Charters:

You know it’s been a heck of a Spring when this  my first one of the season. Lol! I will start giving reports now that fishing/ catching seems to be getting back to some sort of consistency.

We moved the boat back to Lorain last Monday. Early in the week, we were fishing north and east of the dumping ground. It was good. Nothing crazy but enough action to get 4 limits by 10 am.
Bandits 50,67,85 and a 100 worked well. Pink and orange belly customs worked the best.
Dipseys on a 3 setting with Rippling Red Fins at 40 back also worked well.
Speed was 2.4 mph with the current 1.9 mph against.
Current was north to south.
The last 4 days we have fished from Beaver Park to Vermillion in 38 feet of water. Catching was much much faster and customers were amazed that they didn’t gave time to sit down. They just kept catching.
Bandits 40,67,85,100 back.
Dipseys with Scorpion spoons. 3 setting 45, 2 setting 32. Shrimp was the best color spoon
Speed was 2.5 ish.
Color were the same on Bandits.
Most of the fish are just good eaters. There are a few nice ones in the mix. I suspect that quality will get better in a few weeks when more migrating
fish move into the area.
I’d much rather be catching than not catching, lol.
Till next time. Good luck and Good Fishing.
Captain Gary Zart.

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