Spent a few hours out on Mosquito Lake yesterday. My first thought was “where are the weeds?” Mosquito has always been a weedy bass lake, and there were not many to be found. Left the State Park ramp on a breezy 70 – 75 degree morning. Water temperature was 72 – 74, and it was mildly stained to gin clear water. There were a TON of bass anglers out there. So many we thought there might have been a club tournament or something.

The lack of weeds did not seem to disrupt the typically great fishing Mosquito usually offers. We caught a TON of fish. We did not find the typical 2 – 3 lb. Mosquito cookie cutter fish, but got into schools of 12″ to 1.5 lb. fish. Was catching them on back to back casts off one point. Shows the lake is still producing large quantities of bass, and in a few years, these guys will be the cookie cutters Mosquito is known for. Had a bunch of perch and blue gill nibblers all day too.

Tackle & Techniques

I threw a firetiger spinner bait all day. Its my A-game and I had no reason to put it down. Picked up a topwater frog when we got around a few lily pads, but did not get bit, so went back to the spinnerbait. My husband caught them on a jointed swim jig (baby bass color) & a sexy shad crankbait. All of our fish were caught in 3 -5 feet of water. We saw a whole line of boats out in the middle of the lake, fishing deeper water. Decided to stay away from the crowd. Maybe that’s where the bigger fish were. I did lose a cookie cutter 2 –  3 lb. fish right at the boat (auuugh!).

We fished the dam side of the lake, both sides. Started at the marina on the windy side, headed north, then crossed to the island and headed back North. There was some rain coming, so we were cut short by a couple of hours.

All in all, if you don’t mind sharing the lake with several other bass anglers, Mosquito is a great bass lake. I always say its the  lake everyone can catch fish on, and it hasn’t proven me wrong yet! If you want a day of catching, go to Mosquito.

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