Armchair Angler – My Addiction to TV Fishing Show

Fishing Shows Addict

I am a fair weather fisherman. I simply have no desire to endure the weather conditions winter fishing offers. But that doesn’t mean my desire to go fishing has gone away. So, when the cold winter winds are blowing outside, I cozy up on the couch with a hot drink and watch fishing shows on TV. MLF, Angling Edge,  The Bass Pros… even watched a few episodes of Ike TV. I’m a true addict!

Lessons Learned

Bass fishing has progressed so much in the 17 years I have been fishing. From the advances in technology and using it to new lures and fishing techniques I have yet to try. Sometimes I feel like I should be taking notes when I watch these shows! From the simplest changes to adding a whole new style to your repertoire, the pros always share useful information to adapt and try on my fishing days. Its the easiest way to keep up with all of the latest and greatest in the hunt for big bass.


The other reason I love watching fishing shows is the “feel good” it brings me. I LOVE fishing with my husband! Its OUR time to chill out in nature, and I always look forward to every moment we spend out on a lake together. Watching fishing shows and hearing the familiar sounds of a lure being casted, a bass boat on plane, and a fish chomping a lure, it turns on my desire to go fishing! It keeps me pumped up all year long while planning our tournaments, trips to new lakes and fishing adventures for the upcoming season.

Many shows lead to lively conversation about fishing, too! Erich will see a lure he uses and recall where and when he caught fish. I will see a technique I want to try on a certain lake in a certain spot. Its fun to daydream about fishing and keeps the love for it close.

Entertainment at Its Best

I get it. Virtual fishing is far from the real thing. But I am still not going to don a snowsuit and head for the nearest hole in the ice. Watching fishing shows all winter may make me a “wanna be” angler, but I am gonna be one wanna be chock full of fresh ideas and excitement to go fishing!

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