Fishing Clear Water for Bass In Ohio

Fishing Clear Water for Bass

Fishing clear water in Ohio can be quite challenging. Our pressured lakes having gin clear water tends to give the bass a terrible case of lockjaw. Don’t let that keep you from getting out there though. Fishing clear water can be just as productive and fun if you adapt to the condition. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to fool clear water fish into biting.

Lure Color for Clear Water Fishing

Regardless of the style of  lure you are throwing out there, you will definitely want to use more subdued, natural colors. Colors like white, motor oil and green pumpkin won’t spook the bass, as opposed to chartreuse, orange or clown pattern lures. They also blend in a little more with the clear water environment, making them appear more natural. Also, choosing silver instead of gold or copper colored spinner bait blades has worked consistently for me.

Size Matters

When fishing clear water, sorry guys.. its TRUE! Smaller baits may trigger more bites in clear conditions. For instance, I have simply pinched an inch off of my five inch worm and hooked fish. Or throw a 3/8 oz. version of my 3/4 oz. spinner bait. Smaller baits are like gnats to people.. annoyed bass just can’t help but swat at them! Pull out the spinning gear and finesse your way to clear water big bass under docks or in deep weed lines.. which brings me to our next topic, location, location location!

Weedlines, Docks and Shade Techniques for Clear Water

Sometimes I try “camouflaging” my lure by where I throw it. Making long casts parallel to weed lines will keep the fish from spotting you or your shadow quickly. Also, casting wayyyy back under docks or on top of weed mats where the shade /cover may make you more invisible. Shady corners, boat lifts, floating docks and tethered boats also may have the same effect. I like casting to the shade and retrieving into sun. It often triggers a strike right at that line!

In conclusion, don’t trade your fishing rod for golf clubs when you see clear water. Consider a few of these tips and try them out to see if they work for you! It will keep you out there fishing, and that is always a good day any way you look at it.

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