Mosquito Lake Bass Fishing Report

2022 Better Half Tour Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Lake is ON FIRE for bass fishing! We’ve been keeping an eye on the tournament results, and hosted our own Better Half Tour tournament there last Saturday. Five bass limits have been 19 – 20 lbs. and BHT’s 3 fish limit took 9.42 lbs. to win, with 25 of 27 teams weighing fish. This lake is LOADED with large quantities of quality largemouth bass. Needless to say, we had a FUN couple of days fishing!

We caught fish on just about everything, too. I was trying to establish a pattern the first hour of the day. I picked up my spinnerbait (surprise, surprise, Haha!) with bluegill colors and caught a two pounder. I switched to my blue and silver crank bait (Lucky Craft Flat CB) and caught a two pounder. Picked up a black frog next and… wait for it.. caught a two pounder. The next flurry came with a chatter bait  – all within literally ounces of the ones we already caught.

The key for us was windy weed edges in @ 4- 6 feet of water. There were plenty of quality, fun fish to catch all day in this pattern and would try it again. We had many fish swipe at us in the calm weed mats, but noticed several school of fry, so the bass were guarding, not biting. Mosquito is known to be a jigging lake, but we got plenty of action with moving targets. There is an abundance of weed mats, both on and offshore. Along with the abundance of fish, there are plenty of choices for a fine day of fishing!

Mosquito Lake gets a two chewed up thumbs up for bass fishing from us this year! Our advice? GO FISH, OHIO!

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